Polpharma Strategy

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Brands Building

Excellence in “branding”, both in Sales & Marketing and product differentiation, through own R&D and strategic partnerships, drives this strategy.

Business development

Polpharma is expanding its Branded Generic/OTC business from its stronghold in Poland to other “branded” markets mainly focusing on CEE and CIS regions including selected other “emerging” markets. New Geographies we conquer either greenfield or through selected M&A activities.

Production plants

A manufacturing network which delivers competitive cost of goods, adopts to local needs and operates in centers of excellence allows us to enter markets early and stay in markets longer.

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B2B business

As value creation is its main business driver, Polpharma will also leverage its assets in a B2B strategy for those markets and business segments where it doesn’t intend to build its own presence.

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Sustainable development

Polpharma will enhance its commitment to sustainable development, taking into account economic, environmental, social, and ethical aspects in reaching its business goals.