Polpharma Academy

Students and graduates of universities who finish their education often do not know what the daily work in their profession looks like. Looking at the current job market we can see that for a considerable proportion of university graduates the first job is rather a matter of sheer accident than a conscious choice. Graduates of narrow specialization, such as chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology and biology, feel this even more acutely.

Polpharma Academy was designed for such people, because it allows them to learn more about a pharmaceutical company through the prism of the tasks performed by various departments. It gives participants the opportunity to confront their knowledge with practice and facilitates choosing the area in which an individual will feel most comfortable as an employee.


What will you gain participating in the Academy
How to apply


Polpharma Academy is held in Starogard Gdański and lasts for five days.

Polpharma Academy has two stages.

The first stage covers introductory presentations, familiarizing the participants with the position of our company in the market, outlining the functioning of the pharmaceutical industry and introduction of selected organizational areas of Polpharma, such as:

  • Formulation and pharmaceutical analysis (product development)
  • Manufacture and Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bioequivalence testing
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Pharmaceutical product licenses.

During this time, training groups may also visit selected organizational units of our company and meet the staff employed there, who acquaint them with the details of their work.

The second stage includes practical exercises in functional groups and presentations on pharmaceutical law and issues relating to the registration, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products.


What will you gain participating in the Academy

By participating in the Academy you may:

  • Learn what it means to work for a pharmaceutical company
  • See what working in different company divisions looks like.
  • Selected participants who perform exceptionally well during the workshops will have the opportunity to receive an invitation to a half-year, paid internship program, after the completion of which they can apply for jobs in the company on a permanent basis.

The cost of participation (transportation, accommodation and meals) is fully covered by the organizer.

How to apply

We invite students and graduates in chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, medicine and related sciences to participate in Polpharma Academy.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • Higher education in the field of chemistry, pharmacy, medicine or related sciences
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Computer skills (MS Office).

We encourage you to track the ads in the Career section, where we will inform you about the launch of the next edition.