Our values

Wartości - Nagradzanie najlepszych

Rewards for the best

We value actual skills. We offer an exciting internal career path to our top achievers. Top achievers receive the highest remuneration.

Respect for people

We always put people first.
We follow the rules of fair play in our interpersonal relations.

Focus on results

We set challenging, measurable and attainable objectives. We want to be the best and we aim high.

Wartości - Delegowanie uprawnień

Delegation of powers

We have trust in one another’s competences, experience and knowledge. We share a common responsibility for the future of our company.

Wartości - Komunikacja


We communicate quickly, openly and in a comprehensible way. We share our information and we take a proactive approach.

Customer orientation

We offer our customers superior service, reliable professional information and support. We adhere to ethical standards and fulfil our obligations.