How to prepare?

Read some tips that will help you succeed in the recruitment process:

  Analysis of advertisements and requirements

Please read carefully the advertisement in which you are interested, familiarize yourself with the duties and requirements. This will allow you to prepare for recruitment meetings during which we will want to learn more about your experience and expertise.

  Application documents

Your CV and cover letter are of key importance. Try to prepare these documents taking into account the requirements set out in the recruitment advertisement – this will allow the person who will examine them to properly assess your experience and fitness for the position you are applying for. While drafting your CV, remember to:

  • include your prior responsibilities and tasks,
  • emphasize your professional experience,
  • if you decide to include your photograph – make sure it is professionally prepared and up to date,
  • pay attention to the style and spelling,
  • prepare the relevant language version we asked for in the advertisement,
  • include a clause on consent to personal data processing.
  Prepare for the interview

Remember to come prepared, since this will decide on your success and the result of recruitment. The following aspects are noteworthy:

  • read about the company you are applying to – visit the website, learn more about the products and the industry,
  • find out more about the expectations associated with the position you are applying for and try to match your experience, knowledge and skills to them,
  • prepare answers to the topics that may be raised at the meeting – interesting projects, tasks and your achievements,
  • make sure you have ready answers to questions about financial expectations, notice period, etc.,
  • think about the questions you would like to ask to your future employer,
  • make sure you look appropriate,
  • remember to plan the logistics so as not to be late for the interview,
  • and above all: be yourself.