Farmacja Praktyczna being Number 1

The ‘Farmacja Praktyczna’ (Practical Pharmacy) trade magazine is the absolute number 1 for the pharmacists!

The latest results of the trade press readership among pharmacists have clearly confirmed the very high position of the magazine:

  • 98% of pharmacists know ‘Farmacja Praktyczna’!  Almost all respondents mention it spontaneously.
  • For 95% of pharmacists, it is the trade magazine most frequently read, other magazines are far behind.

Its website ( has also gained great positioning. The portal is the most well-known and most visited website among pharmacists: 45% of them visit it.

Such a success does not tend to appear suddenly – the magazine has been at the forefront of the list for several years. It is funded on the hard work of the entire editorial team and the cooperation of various departments of the company.