Foundation for Digital Transformation

Polpharmа, along with a group of five other innovative companies, has appointed the Digital Poland Foundation. It aims at supporting the development of a digital society and digital economy in Poland. The initiative intends to be a platform that integrates the academic environment with local authorities and business, to support growth and implementation of breakthrough solutions in digitalisation. A meeting inaugurating operations of the Foundation was held on 1 June 2017 during the Impact CEE Conference in Krakow.

Six companies representing various industries established the foundation, namely: Dirlango, Ghelamco, MCI Capital, Onet - Ringier Axel Springer Polska, T-Mobile and Polpharma. Despite the different industries they operate in, they are united by a common idea: promoting the role of digitalization as a key component in development. Poland has a potential to become a regional centre of innovation which will be harmoniously incorporated in the process of dynamic digitalisation in the entire Europe.

“Poland is a country with huge potential with regard to developing new services and technologies. We are about to implement a new digital transformation and the Digital Poland foundation aims to support the process. We want to bring into play the idea of digitalisation in the area of health by working with start-ups, public institutions, and other partners to implement innovative solutions focused on the needs of the patient and the healthcare system. What we have in mind is a more efficient process of diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis. This will have a huge impact on access to treatment and reduction of its costs”, Markus Sieger, CEO of Polpharmа, said.

The Foundation has been appointed in Krakow, during the Impact CEE Conference, but works on its establishment, defining directions of its operations and aims have been conducted for several months. Mark Walder, founder of Digital Switzerland and President of Ringier was a special guest during the event initiating Digital Poland. The Foundation was also the organiser of a panel discussion, participated by representatives of the founding companies. Besides Mark Walder, the discussion was also attended by Tomasz Czechowicz, Łukasz Wejchert and Aleksander Kutela, who was appointed the Foundation Chairman.

We want to utilise the experience of global founding companies, the know-how of future members and the best practices from other countries in order to support digital transformation in Poland. Since there is place for this type of a foundation in Switzerland, whose economy is very innovative, I am certain that there is also space for such a foundation in our country. I am convinced that Poland may become one of the leading centres of a global ecosystem of entrepreneurship and digital innovation”, said Aleksander Kutela, Chairman of Digital Poland.

Digitalisation is the response to economic and health-related challenges that Poland is facing nowadays. Markus Sieger, President of Polpharmа mainly emphasised that the last decade, as well as the dynamic development of the Internet, have both created big changes in the awareness of patients. They expect more comprehensive and faster access to information. They also want to take and active and conscious part in the process of treatment. A challenge that we will face soon consists of demographic changes and the dynamically increasing treatment costs related thereto.

Polpharmа is one of the leaders of implementing digital solutions on the pharmaceutical market. We want to share our experience with other entities and build a system together, with the patient being its central part. There is a big need for creating innovative and intuitive solutions for the patients, physicians and healthcare centres, that will support quality and effectiveness of healthcare in Poland”, the President of Polpharmа summarised.