Markus Sieger in the Executive Committee of Medicines for Europe

Markus Sieger has been elected today to join the Executive Committee of Medicines for Europe.

Medicines for Europe is a prominent European organisation in charge of policy shaping for generic and biosimilar medicines at EU level.

Executive Committee which gathers a selected circle of most experienced professionals has a particular responsibility for definition of the priority issues that our industry is facing and defining strategy to address these.

As Poland is an important members state it has also an important voice at EU political scene. With Markus membership in the Executive Committee the interests of local Polish manufacturers will be high on Medicines for Europe working agenda.

One of the most important policy development which is of major importance to Polish industry is the fastest possible implementation of SPC Waiver which is dependent on European Commission decision. We actively work on this policy measure in coordination with the local Polish industry association - PZPPF.