Polpharma and the HealthUp start-up join forces to fight COPD

As part of Polpharma’s National Programme for the Detection of COPD, the company has partnered with HealthUp, a Polish medical start-up. The programme aims to disseminate information about the disease and facilitate access to spirometry testing.

COPD, i.e. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the cause of death of ca. 15,000[1] Poles every year and according to WHO, it will become the third leading cause of death in the world by 2030. Unfortunately, many patients do not realise they are suffering from the disease, as it long remains asymptomatic and may only be diagnosed with spirometry. In spite of being a straightforward test, spirometry is not used frequently enough and access to such testing is sometimes difficult.

One of the key elements of the National Programme for the Detection of COPD is making 400 modern portable AioCare spirometry devices available to GPs. As part of the programme, numerous screening tests are also carried out across Poland in an effort accompanied by the dissemination of educational resources for patients and media coverage. It is possible thanks to the cooperation between Polpharma and HealthUp, a Polish medical start-up.

“The exemplary collaboration between Polpharma and HealthUp under the National Programme for the Detection of COPD is a practical way to launch an innovative device and to improve access to spirometry testing in Poland,” says Dorota Bojańczyk, Marketing HCP at Polpharma.

In partnership with HealthUp, Polpharma has already held a pilot project in which primary care physicians across Poland performed more than 360 tests using the AioCare spirometry device. The pilot project has confirmed substantial demand for the device from doctors.

AioCare (formerly MySpiroo)

is a state-of-the-art medical device enabling the diagnosis of respiratory system disorders, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The mobile spirometer connects with user-friendly apps (for doctors and patients) and with an analytical dashboard and algorithms which enable in-depth analysis of research results and ongoing monitoring of health parameters. The assets of this solution also include ergonomics and design, which make AioCare patient-friendly and easily accessible. AioCare also measures the heart rate and its environmental sensors automatically take air pressure, temperature and humidity readings. This data would normally have to be entered manually into the spirometer.

HealthUp (AioCare manufacturer)

was established in 2014 by Łukasz Kołtowski, MD, an mHealth enthusiast, and Piotr Bajtała, a design director passionate about new technologies. In 2015 the company received a capital investment from the Joint Polish Investment Fund to support research and development activities related to its innovative mobile spirometer. It is now entering the phase of commercialisation of the solution and of global expansion.

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