Polpharmа as the sixth largest private company in Poland

For the second time, “Forbes” has created the ranking of 100 largest private companies in Poland. PolphArmа has been listed on the sixth position.

As opposed to other lists published in the Polish media, the writers of “Forbes” did not compile the ranking according to the sales value. The monthly has prepared its ranking based on the company valuations. Crucial role was assigned to profits which they generated, which were then multiplied by market multiplication factors. From valuations obtained in this way the debt was subtracted. In this way, “Forbes” obtained the value of the companies indicated in the publication.

The first ten companies listed in the ranking were:

  • Cyfrowy Polsat — PLN 27.3 bln;
  • LPP — PLN 15.5 bln; 
  • CCC — PLN 11.8 bln;
  • CD Projekt — PLN 11 bln;
  • Synthos — PLN 8.1 bln;
  • Polpharma — PLN 7.9 bln;
  • Grupa Maspex — PLN 7.3 bln;
  • Dino Polska — PLN 7.1 bln;
  • Kruk — PLN 6.9 bln;
  • Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych — PLN 5.7 bln.