Polpharma at the 2018 Impact Conference

During this year's Impact Conference, members of the Polpharma team participated in key panels, calling for innovative solutions and broad cooperation in the health care sector.

The need for change in the health care sector was one of the most important topics and the main focus of the Digital Health & Biotechnology path. It attracted all the major players in the Polish and European pharmaceutical market, including representatives of Polpharma and public administration officials: the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz, and Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszyński, among others.

Markus Sieger's contribution to the conference began with a keynote speech during the general session. “Patients should remain non-patients – that is, healthy individuals – as long as possible, and the health care system should be as efficient and user-friendly as customer service in the banking sector. This is a revolutionary concept and as such requires a revolutionary strategy, and unprecedented levels of cooperation between all stakeholders. To make it happen, it is necessary to start a constructive, open dialogue between the government, all stakeholders in the health care ecosystem and business,” Sieger said in his keynote speech. 

The President of Polpharma also took part in the panel on building a competitive Polish biotechnology ecosystem (“Act now! Building a competitive Polish biotechnology ecosystem”). The panel also included Jan Filip Staniłko from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Marcin Szumowski from OncoArendi. “We must join forces and share our skills and experience. Public money earmarked for biotechnology development should go to a cluster of companies and research institutions working together on long-term projects. Only when we combine quality and know-how, can Poland be a real competitor in the global biotechnology market,” Sieger argued.

Tomasz Staszelis, Director of Digitisation at Polpharma, took part in the “Digital patient's journey” debate on digitization in the health care sector. “Putting the patient at the centre of the system is one of the key aspects of the necessary change. Even the best technologies will not produce the desired outcomes, unless everything that's being done is centred around the patient,” he said. “At Polpharma, we are currently implementing a systemic transformation: from the country's largest producer of medicines to the provider of comprehensive services for patients. And I mean services that will allow people to stay healthy as long as possible, rather than merely receive treatment after they've fallen ill,” he added.