Polpharmа awarded as Top Brand 2017!

Polpharma was chosen the most mediagenic brand in the pharmaceutical industry according to the survey TOP Marka 2017! We participated in the survey for the second time and for the second time we ranked first.

The survey listed brands which were most often and most accurately described in the press and which were most popular in the Internet and social media, broken down into 11 categories. The report featured descriptions of 117 brands altogether. Polpharma — in the press demonstrated first and foremost an advantage in the number of publications and coverage, thus beating the second Polfarmex and the third Biofarm.

The final five included also Bayer and GSK. The order was exactly the same for the Internet, while in social media Bayer ranked first, followed by Polpharma. GSK, Herbapol and Sanofi were listed next.