Polpharmа builds potential of Polish economy

In the programme of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna “No entrepreneurship, no future” dedicated to companies which significantly contribute to the development of the Polish economy, Polpharmа was presented with an award in the category Technology.

Polpharmа won in this category, because it is the leader in Poland in terms of the number of applications to the European Patent Office. The company invests in the production of biosimilars, which make it possible for a broader group of patients to access modern therapies for many severe diseases. So far, Polpharmа has spent PLN 520 mln on investment in biotechnology and plans to spend further PLN 1.26 bln on development and production of biopharmaceuticals in the next few years.

The members of the Chapter: Paweł Borys (President of the Polish Development Fund), Robert Czarnecki (Director of the Office of the Director of the National Centre for Research and Development), Adam Góral (President of Asseco Poland), Stefan Kawalec (President of Capital Strategy), Krzysztof Obłój (lecturer at the University of Warsaw) and Krzysztof Jedlak (editor-in-chief of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna) and Łukasz Wilkowicz (writer of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna), evaluated several dozen submissions in three categories. The winners were the companies which received the biggest average scores (in the case of potential conflicts of interests, the Chapter members refrained from voting).

In addition to Polpharmа, the award was presented to: Orlen in the category Investment, while Famur and Selena were awarded ex aequo in the category Brand.