Polpharma Group promotes CSR among its suppliers

Polpharma Group promotes CSR among its suppliers

Nearly 120 suppliers of the Polpharma Group took part in a conference held on 3 October within the framework of the implementation of the sustainable supply chain strategy of the Polpharma Group. As a result of our own commitments embedded in the Polpharma Group Code of Ethics, we also expect our suppliers to comply with internationally recognized human rights, labor practices and environmental protection standards. These requirements are contained in the Polpharma Group Supplier Code of Conduct, which has been implemented since 2015. The event was entitled "Sustainable development in the supply chain. Conference for Suppliers of the Polpharma Group". Its purpose was to educate and support suppliers in effective implementing the requirements of the Supplier Code.

Experts were invited to attend the conference, who provided participants with practical insights into the latest trends in CSR, effective tools and good practices. Participants had the opportunity to discuss issues related to the implementation of ethical programs, comprehensive approach to environmental protection, stakeholder dialogue and reporting of non-financial data. Topics covered by speakers included areas such as contributing to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cooperation between science and business, and a strategic approach to social engagement. Introductory lecture, on corporate social responsibility from the Polish consumer perspective, was delivered by prof. Dominika Maison.

Suppliers whose ethical culture is already at a very high level and who consciously engage in social responsibility activities had the opportunity to share good practices and to encourage other participants to actively engage in CSR activities. One of the sessions was devoted to this purpose. During this session 10 suppliers presented their projects related to social responsibility.

Building a sustainable supply chain is one element of a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility and Polpharma strategic commitment. More information on the sustainable supply chain can be found at