Polpharma: Partner of Kampania 17/17

Polpharma has partnered with an initiative promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals were announced last year by the United Nations. The initiative is called “Kampania 17/17” [Campaign 17/17].

The initiative inauguration took place on 17 May during the conference “SDGs w praktyce. Inspiracje dla biznesu” [SDGs in practice. Inspirations for business]. The launch of the initiative opened a nationwide discussion on what role business Polish could play in the implementation of the SDGs and whether the Sustainable Development Goals could become an impetus for Polish business to develop, and whether in the future they could be the deciding factor giving it a competitive advantage.

Although Campania 17/17 started on 17 May 2017, its name refers not to the date, but to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, each of which is to be presented during the next 17 weeks of the campaign. Every week, one goal is to be discussed in detail and supported with examples of good practices. Current information can be found on the project website

A number of accompanying activities are planned as part of Campania, including a review of the most interesting initiatives implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, a weekly newsletter, expert meetings, topical seminars, and industry workshops for representatives of various business sectors.

The campaign will last until mid-September and its results will be summarised in October 2017.

Campania 17/17 was initiated by the CSR Consulting company and is implemented in a partnership on specialist issues with the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu [Responsible Business Forum], and Global Compact Network Poland. The Ministry of Development took honorary patronage over the campaign. In addition to Polpharma, the business partners of Campania include ZT Kruszwica and Stena Recycling.