Polpharma with the largest number of patent applications

According to a report of the European Patent Office (EPO), Polpharma came top among all Polish companies in terms of the number of patent applications filed. In 2016, the company filed 10 applications. As far as Poland is concerned, only Jagiellonian University filed more applications (12) to EPO.

Among the 10 applications of Polpharma three concerned the composition of the finished drug formulation, two - the method of manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), two - crystalline API, two – the method of manufacturing a biotechnological API and one – the composition of the biotechnological finished formulation.

The number of European patent applications filed by Polpharma is growing from year to year. In 2014, there were three such applications, and in 2015 – nine. This corresponds to the company’s investment in research and development. Polpharma is among the leaders in terms of expenditures in this area in the Polish industry. Since 2000, the outlays of the firm on R&D in Poland amounted to approximately PLN 1.5 billion. The Polpharma Group employs 466 persons in the research and development area, including 74 employees with PhD degree.  

 We invest in innovative production technologies both in the area of drugs, active pharmaceutical Ingredients, and biotechnology, which we consider our strategic field. Thanks to the solutions developed by us and our co-operation with Polish scientists we are able to offer even better solutions for patients, improve the competitiveness of our business and contribute to the development of Polish economy based on knowledge – stressed Bożenna Kozakiewicz, Vice-President of Polpharma responsible for research and development.

Polpharma is a leader in terms of patent activity in the entire Polish industry. Unlike in most EU countries, Poland’s patent activity in 2016 was driven by higher schools and scientific institutes. As many as six out of the eight largest applicants were universities or research institutes. The most active Polish applicant at the EPO was Jagiellonian University, followed by Polpharma with Fakro, the roof windows maker, coming third.

As part of the centralised patent award procedure of the EPO, inventors may obtain high quality patent protection in 38 member states of the European Patent Organisation. Last year, the European Patent Office granted Polish research institutes and companies 180 patents (2015: 151), which was a new record. However, the number of Polish patent applications filed with the EPO forming the basis of future patents has fallen by 27.9% compared with the previous year (+17.4% in 2015). Detailed data for 2016 are available in the annual report of the EPO: