Sexuality of Poles 2017

The results of the latest study “Sexuality of Poles 2017 — A Study by Zbigniew Izdebski and Polpharmа” [„Seksualność Polaków 2017 – badanie Zbigniewa Izdebskiego i Polpharmy”] were announced at the 9th National Debate on Sexual Health which was held on 8 February 2017 in the lecture hall of the Didactic Center at the Medical University of Warsaw and gathered over 500 participants.

For almost a decade, Polpharmа has been running the National Sexual Health Program [Ogólnopolski Program Zdrowia Seksualnego, OPZS] in an attempt to convince the Poles to take care of their sexual health. The debates concerning this issue have become a regular feature of OPZS. This year’s meeting took place at the Medical University of Warsaw, courtesy of His Magnificence Rector prof. dr hab. n. med. Mirosław Wielgoś. Not only did he offer us a hall at the University for the sexology debate but he also was its active participant. Prominent representatives of academic and medical communities took part in discussion panels, including: prof. Krzysztof Czajkowski, dr Marzena Dębska, dr Alicja Długołęcka, prof. Piotr Gałecki, dr Monika Łukasiewicz, prof. Eugenia Mandal, prof. Tomasz Szlendak and dr Beata Wróbel. Discussions were moderated by editor Jacek Żakowski and Professor Mirosław Wielgoś.

Professor Zbigniew Izdebski presented selected results of the study “Sexuality of Poles 2017 — A Study by Zbigniew Izdebski and Polpharmа” focusing among other issues on erectile dysfunction, infidelity, personal relationships between partners and sexual habits of the Poles. This is yet another study of this kind which is sponsored by Polpharmа. Thus, it provides the opportunity to observe trends and changes in the Polish society over the years.

The debate was organised by Polpharmа, University of Warsaw, University of Zielona Góra and Medical University of Warsaw.