Three times the podium

Maxigra Go, Acard, and Biotebal – our three brands have been the laureates of the first edition of the Grand Prix Farmacji (Pharmaceutical Grand Prix) project. The winners have been selected following patients (mentioning them during an on-line survey) and pharmacists.

The aim of the Grand Prix Farmacji project was to point the most valued products on the Polish pharmaceutical market and awarding the most popular and most recommended brands with the Godło Grand Prix Farmacji award.

Maxigra Go was voted for by:

  • 33.4% of patients and 50.3% of pharmacists

Acard was voted for by:

  • 50% of patients and 62% of pharmacists

Biotebal was voted for by:

  • 46% of patients and 57% of pharmacists

Criteria for products being chosen by patients and pharmacists were as follows:

  • Proven
  • High-quality
  • High-efficiency
  • Safe to use
  • With attractive packaging
  • Enjoying a positive opinion among patients

The study was conducted by the GfK Polonia independent research company from 5 October to 30 November 2017. The survey partners were: the Polish Association of Self Medication Industry and the Polish Pharmaceutical Society.