ZSE students already practice in Polpharma’s laboratories

First practical classes for the students of a new class training future analytical technicians, set up in the School Complex of Economics [Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych — ZSE] in Starogard Gdański, launched in Polpharmа.

At the beginning of this February, practical laboratory classes started for students of the “dual” class with a chemistry profile, training for the profession of an analytical technician. It’s this year that the School Complex of Economics in Starogard Gdański launched such a 4-year vocational class for the first time. What is new is the form of training: general and theoretical classes take place at ZSE, while all practical classes and vocational training are held in the fully equipped laboratories of Polpharma SA Pharmaceutical Works.

“I am very glad that the students have started the practical classes in Polpharma, as this is the point of dual training. The plan that we had a few months ago that our students would learn in Starogard a practical profession, so needed on the market, by way of connecting theory and vocational training, just saw the light of day,” Tadeusz Burczyk, the principal of ZSE in Starogard Gdański, welcomes the launch of the class.

“For us it is on the one hand a great fun to meet with young people who so eagerly learn chemistry and get acquainted with the equipment that we use in the plant on a daily basis. And apart from that, that’s how we implement our corporate responsibility strategy. We share our knowledge, equipment and materials, so that in a couple of years, after graduation, these students will not have any problems finding a job — explains Paweł Olszowy, junior manager of the Analytics Team in Polpharma.

The practical classes for 16 ZSE students are held from the beginning of the summer semester in the laboratories of the Section for Analytical Development of Polpharma by the section employees: Paweł Olszowy and Jarosław Kamiński, senior analyst. On 31 January, the class students started mandatory training sessions on protection of persons and property, OSH, fire protection and pedestrian traffic, as well as a general training before the actual on-the-job training. On 2 February, they entered the laboratory for the first time in young chemists’ outfits to get acquainted with the technology and the organization of work.

During classes on the organization of work in an analytic laboratory, students will obtain knowledge about legal provisions and the basics of good laboratory practice and manufacturing. Apart from that, students will learn how to directly affect the quality of the performed work and, most importantly, the safety of employees through the proper organization of the laboratory.

During the laboratory techniques classes, students will get acquainted in the first place with the basic laboratory glassware and devices. Following that, they will use the gained practical knowledge to learn, among other things, how to measure, weigh, distil, dry and crystallize. The students will also learn which factors affect the quality of preparations and purified substances, as well as which parameters are applied for the evaluation of their quality.

The students started preparing for the practical laboratory classes already in ZSE in Starogard, in the winter semester of 2016. The theoretical classes of vocational training included classes on safe working practices in the chemistry and pharmaceutical sector and were conducted by a Polpharma employee. In November, Polpharma organized also a visit to laboratories of the Drug Manufacturing Plant, which was the first time these young people could visit pharmaceutical works and experience the world-wide technology of the modern chemistry industry.

The curriculum of the class training future analytical technicians includes inter alia 750 hours of practical vocational education, conducted by experienced practitioners. Within the scope of the training, the students will take part in a professional, 240-hour vocational training held in laboratories of Polpharma SA Pharmaceutical Works in Starogard Gdański. The students will use a laboratory equipped with modern measurement devices, necessary equipment, power tools and chemical reagents. The graduates of this class will have practical knowledge needed for preparing equipment, chemical reagents and analytical test samples, for performing chemical analyses, carrying out analytic, bioanalytic and environmental tests, and for starting university studies in the area of pharmaceutics.