Corporate sponsorship

We are involved in three main areas of corporate sponsorship:

We support a range of commercial projects in the local communities, which have a positive impact on our beneficiaries (read more about the results in our  Corporate Social Responsibility Report on p. 33). We are also promoting professional sports.

We take part in worthy projects, both locally and across Poland. When selecting the right projects to sponsor, we look at how they fit with the nature of Polpharma’s operations and policies, also assessing their social and educational dimension.

Terms of collaboration with NGOs

Applications for Polpharma’s support should include the applicant’s details and the contact person’s data, a description and objectives of the project, a description of the target group, the planned form of promotion and the amount applied for, a description of sponsorship benefits and information on whether any other companies from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are involved.

We do not engage in projects that could be, in any respect, regarded as discriminatory, that are unlawful and against established social norms, promote any specific political parties, or pose a risk to life and health, are related to addictions or unhealthy habits or cause environmental threats.

Read more about commercial projects in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report on pp. 84-87.