Promoting sports

We promote sports as a part of a healthy life style. We sponsor a basketball team, we encourage our employees to do sports, and we promote physical activity among children and adolescents.  

In 1998–2001, we sponsored the women’s basketball team Polpharma VBW Clima from Gdynia which won several national championships.

Since 2000, we have been the naming rights sponsor of the men’s basketball team from Starogard Gdański. Since 2004, the team has played in the first division of the men's basketball league, competing against the best Polish clubs. In the 2009-2010 season, the team won the bronze medal at the national championship of Poland, and then also the Cup of Poland.

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By sponsoring the basketball team, we contribute to the integration of the local community. Joint support for the basketball team unites our employees, their families and city residents. We received the Golden Basket Award and the 2010 Sponsor of the Year title conferred by the Polish Basketball Federation.

We use sports to build positive patterns for young people to follow.

At meetings with the basketball players organised in schools, we promote the educational value of sports, we stress the importance of recognising fair play rules, and we show sports as an attractive leisure time activity and a good alternative to violence or passive recreation such as TV watching.

Our employees set a good example by engaging in physical activities in their free time. The Polpharma Physical Culture Development and Sports Association were established upon their initiative. The Association helps our employees organise such leisure time activities as kayaking trips, running events, or a variety of sports tournaments. We also support Polpharma Ski Team and Polpharma Bike Team which win the highest honours in prestigious pharmaceutical industry competitions.