Environmental responsibility

We attach importance to harmonious coexistence with the natural environment and we make efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of our manufacturing activities.

Polpharma’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in such activities as:

  • Using advanced environment-friendly technologies,
  • Minimizing pollutant emissions,
  • Making prudent use of raw materials,
  • Monitoring our manufacturing processes and their environmental footprint,
  • Promoting environmental education and green behaviours. 

We have implemented an Integrated Environmental and OSH Management System which is compliant with the international ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards as well as the PN-N-1800 and PN-EN-17025 standards (go to download section). We have implemented relevant policies including: Occupational Safety and Health Policy, Sustainable Environmental Development Policy and Laboratory Management Policy (go to download section). Our integrated system enables proactive approach to identifying environmental and OSH issues as well as implementation of the latest solutions in this field in line with regulatory requirements and European best practices.

Detailed guidelines for company operation in particular areas are provided in our declarations:

  • Green Process Declaration: optimising and streamlining technological and support processes,
  • Solvent Management Declaration: minimizing solvent use and using solvents with the lowest possible level of toxicity,
  • Waste Management Declaration: minimizing waste and maximising recycling,
  • Green Transport Declaration: promoting the use of public transport and cycling; promoting safe and green transport of goods,
  • Safe Fleet Declaration: perfecting safe driving techniques and first aid skills; implementing corporate standards for the equipment of company cars.