Environmental education

Apart from engineering, process and technology improvements we implement in order to protect the environment and enhance safety, we also undertake many projects in the field of environmental education with a view to raising awareness and promoting proper attitudes among employees and the local community. 

We hold Open Days at Polpharma every year to celebrate the Earth Day, offering an opportunity to exchange waste paper and other recyclable materials for tree seedlings and green gadgets. We implement corporate volunteering projects on the Clean Up the World Day, and organise Green Classes for school kids. We encourage our employees to save water and energy, print on both sides of the paper, and sort waste. There is a CD destroyer and bins for safe battery, light bulb and expired medicine disposal at the entrance to the Polpharma building.

The development and international expansion of the Polpharma Group provide an opportunity to implement environment-friendly solutions. Rather than travel on business a lot, our employees use tele- and video conferencing systems. We have reduced our transport requirements related to document delivery by using electronic data delivery and invoicing systems.