Polpharma Group Code of Ethics

The Management Board of Polpharma SA has adopted the Polpharma Group Code of Ethics. This document lays down a system of ethical values, norms and rules of conduct which must be followed by every employee regardless of their position and nature of tasks performed.

The document forms part of a comprehensive Ethics Programme being implemented in the firm in order to build a strong ethical culture of the Polpharma Group. Provisions of the Code of Ethics are based on ethical values common to all employees, such as: respect, integrity, responsibility, cooperation and solidarity.

Its implementation is the effect of wide-ranging social consultations. All employees were invited to take part in the process. Thanks to this it constitutes an expression of our joint undertaking to act in compliance with the highest ethical standards in our relations with work associates, partners, customers and the environment in which the firm operates.

The adoption of the Code of Ethics confirms that the functioning of our firm is based on respect for the law, internal procedures and most exacting standards of conduct. The rules gathered in the Code act as a road sign in taking everyday decisions and making the right choices.

The Polpharma Group expects its business and social partners to respect the values and rules set forth in the Code of Ethics.

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