Polpharma Group CSR history

Polpharma Group CSR history

We have been on the market for 80 years and we respected the rules of corporate social responsibility when no one had even used the CSR acronym yet. We have intensified our efforts in this field after the year 2000, when our company was privatised relying on Polish capital. For the last decade and more, we have been proving that it is worthwhile to act in line with the principle of sustainable development, balancing business objectives and interests of stakeholders: employees, patients, the medical and scientific community, customers, suppliers and local communities. In 2014 we started working to put more structure into out CSR activities, which led us to the announcement of the Polpharma Group Social Responsibility Strategy in 2015.
Below, you will find the Company’s corporate social responsibility milestones:



  • Drawing up of the Polpharma Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers and initiation of the implementation process
  • Publication of the first university textbook on patient compliance in Poland by the Polpharma Scientific Foundation
  • The 80th anniversary of Polpharma. On that occasion, Polpharma holds the POLRUN relay – a unique race where more than 700 employees cover a 960 km long route, owing to which the company sends 524 children from Children’s Homes in 4 provinces to summer camps
  • Development of the new corporate social responsibility strategy of Polpharma Group for the years from 2015 to 2018
  • Signing of the Diversity Charter
  • Award of the CSR Golden Leaf by “Polityka” weekly
  • Third place in the Responsible Business Ranking and title of industry CSR leader in the Pharmacy & Medicine category
  • Contributing to the establishment of the Ethics Officers Coalition under the auspices of the Global Compact Initiative of the UN Secretary-General in Poland
  • Completion of the first milestone in the development of the Ethics Programme Adoption of the Polpharma Group Ethics Programme
  • The first stakeholder panel in the history of the company held as a voice in the planning of the new CSR strategy
  • Signing of the Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development during the launch of the 3rd stage of Vision 2050 – the New Agenda for Business in Poland
  • Joining, as a partner, the Development Initiatives Forum (FIR) and the FIR Grants Fund, with the objective to develop intersectoral cooperation in Pomerania
  • “Social Campaign of the Year 2013 Award” for the Pressure for Life campaign
  • “Employee-Friendly Employer Award” received from a jury chaired by Piotr Duda, head of the National Commission of the NSZZ “Solidarność” trade union
  • Publication of the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report in line with GRI guidance
  • Launch of the Polpharma Group Employee Volunteering Programme
  • Launch of the “Get Ready for a Shock” (Przygotuj się na wstrząs) campaign to educate about anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock
  • Joining the Responsible Business Forum, a strategic partnership

  • Launch of “Pressure for Life” (Ciśnienie na życie), the largest education campaign in Poland on hypertension
  • Implementation of the “Let’s Go Cycling” (Wszyscy na rowery) programme to promote bike commuting
  • The first edition of the “Stop Accidents Programme” (Stop Wypadkom) which promotes proactive employee safety attitudes and encourages reporting of near misses

  • Establishing cooperation with the European Blood Donor Foundation, where part of revenue from the sale of one of Polpharma’s products supports the Krewniacy (Blood Relatives) campaign promoting voluntary blood donation
  • Launch of the “Solution to Forgetfulness” (Rozwiązanie na zapominanie) campaign addressed to people whose loved ones are starting to have memory problems
  • Publication of the first Polish monograph on therapeutic compliance and doctor-patient cooperation in chronic diseases by the Polpharma Scientific Foundation
  • Launch of “It’s a Shame not to Ask – Pregnancy without Herpes” (Wstyd nie zapytać – ciąża bez opryszczki) – an education campaign addressed to pregnant women and those planning to start a family
  • First edition of the “Green Process” (Zielony Proces) competition which rewards environmental initiatives of employees
  • Implementation of the “Green Chemistry” (Zielona Chemia) policy, which is a commitment to consider the environment already at the stage of design of products and manufacturing technologies
  • Launch of the National Sexual Health Programme, an innovative education programme breaking taboos in sexual health
  • Initiation of the “Knowledge Pharm” (Pharma Wiedzy) programme for medicine and pharmacy students from all Polish universities
  • Publication of the first environmental report

  • Obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental certificate and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certificate
  • Obtaining the ‘integrated permit’, which confirms that the company meets EU requirements on integrated pollution prevention and control
  • The first title of the Friend of Polish Cardiology awarded to Polpharma by the Polish Cardiac Society
  • Launch of our European Educational Programme aimed at providing knowledge on the latest advancements in medicine and pharmacy to doctors and pharmacists
  • Inauguration of Polscreen: the Polish Programme for the Prevention of Coronary Disease, which was the largest population-based study in the world. Approx. 730,000 patients were examined as part of the Polscreen programme from 2002 to 2005

  • Establishment of the Foundation for the Development of Polish Pharmacy and Medicine (later: the Polpharma Scientific Foundation) which announces a competition for funding for research projects in pharmaceutical and medical sciences every year

  • Polpharma decides to sponsor Polpharma Starogard Gdański, a men’s basketball team
  • Privatisation of Polpharma based on Polish capital and the beginning of a shift in the company’s mindset on its role within the society