Charitable Activity

To be the most effective in our charitable activities, we have identified our key priorities in this area.

Our key focus areas are:

  • health protection and disease prevention, which include ensuring access to free screening tests and disease prevention, as well as aid in kind for heath care facilities and organizations
  • safety, which includes contributing to a safe local community and promotion of safe behaviours among children and youth
  • science and education, including scholarship programmes and other initiatives addressed to exceptionally gifted children from underprivileged families and purchase of teaching supplies for schools and other educational institutions
  • community activities, which include contributing to balancing of social opportunities for children and youth
  • humanitarian aid,including aid in kind and financial support for humanitarian organizations, victims of war, natural disasters and calamities in Poland and abroad

In 2015, we organised the POLRUN charity race with the participation of 733 Polpharma employees and friends to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary. Over a period of 23 days we ran for a total of 960 kilometres across Poland to promote physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to send 524 children from children’s homes to summer campsRead more about this unique running event. Visit the Polrun race youtube channel.

Terms of collaboration with NGOs

In the implementation of our charity policy, we cooperate with experienced organisations which are effective in providing support. All requests for assistance that we receive are analysed against our priorities and the character of our business. Decisions about charity donations are made by a specially appointed team. We do not take requests for donations from individuals into consideration.

Applications submitted by non-governmental organisations should include their registration details (name, address and KRS number or a different registration number), contact person (full name, phone number and email address), a description of the organisation’s work and experience, as well as details of the project the grant will support. Information about the project should include a description and list of beneficiaries, the expected outcomes, the amount applied for, the total project implementation cost and the cost items to be covered from Polpharma’s donation. 

When choosing our partners for all of our social engagement projects, we rely on such values as integrity, mutual respect, openness and transparency. We do not engage in projects that could be, in any respect, regarded as discriminatory, that are unlawful and against established social norms, promote any specific political parties, or pose an immediate risk to life and health.

Polpharma’s main partner in the area of charity and balancing of social opportunities is Caritas, both its national-level structure and organisations within particular dioceses. In the area of humanitarian aid, we additionally cooperate with the Polish Humanitarian Action, and with respect to education for gifted youth — with the Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia Foundation.

Polpharma’s charitable contributions in 2011 amounted to approx. PLN 268,000, in 2012 – PLN 307,000, in 2013 – PLN 188,000, and in 2014 - PLN 298,000.

Read more about charity work in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report