Responsibility for Product

Operating in the pharmaceutical industry, we are accepting the responsibility for human health and life. That is why the quality of our products and the safety of patients are our priorities.

  • We care for quality at each stage of the product development, production, storage, distribution and sale.
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • We have GMP certificates issued by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate for all drugs and substances manufactured.
  • We use the latest technologies which ensure the safety of products, employees and the natural environment.


We are trying to reduce to minimum the risk involved in the application of our medicines. We ensure continuous pharmacovigilance. A special department of the company collects, analyses and archives notifications of adverse effects in all markets in which our products are present. We examine the reasons, evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of the use of a medicine, and implement risk mitigating measures. We are included in the European system of electronic reporting of adverse effects – Eudravigilance.

Ethical marketing

We are co-authors and signatories of Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics of the Polish Association of Pharmaceutical Industry Employers. Our marketing activities are conducted with integrity and reliability, always in accordance with ethical principles contained in the Code.

We provide verified and reliable information in an explicit and objective way. We monitor the quality of our marketing activities and we accept the responsibility for the constant raising of standards in this respect.

The Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics may be downloaded at the bottom of the page or from the Company Policy section.

We ensure that we provide reliable and clear information about our products and their effects.

The contents of the patient leaflet is compliant with the results of the so-called “clarity tests”, i.e. consultations with target groups of users of the medicinal product, and ensure that patients use it correctly and safely. A patient may FIND the information contained in the leaflet, UNDERSTANDS it and KNOWS HOW TO DEAL WITH IT.

Facilities for visually impaired people

Meeting the needs of blind and visually impaired people, we provide leaflets for our medicines in the audio form through the Audio Leaflet system by MEDsynC under phone number 800 706 848. The system has been developed in strict cooperation with the Polish Association of the Blind and obtained its recommendation as a product friendly for persons with vision disorders.

The Polish Association of the Blind sent the following thanks to Polpharma:

Thanks to the Audio Leaflet we may access information about a selected medicine in a quick, safe, free and generally accessible way. The hotline system is simple to operate, it may be used without the participation of third parties. We believe that the provision of access to the contents of leaflets on medicinal products is the expression of concern about the problems of blind people.

In accordance with the European Union requirements, also the packaging of our medicines is described using the Braille system (alphabet for blind and visually impaired people).

Communication window on the packaging

We make sure that our product packaging guarantees that the medicine is safely used, and at the same time is friendly for patients and pharmacists. For this purpose, we introduced a special communication window for the prescription medicine packaging system.

The window consists of two fields. One – is a fixed space at the back of the packet to be used for the pharmacy price label. This solution allows avoiding the obscuring of information which is important for the patient, e.g. composition of the medicine, dosage or additional warnings.

The second field constitutes a practical solution making it easier for patients to remember how to take the medicine. This is because they often lose notes with information they receive from the doctor. The patient may record the dosage scheme of the drugs within the lines corresponding to times of the day. This constitutes a significant help in maintaining the systematic pattern of taking the medicine and influences efficacy of the therapy.