Supply Chain Sustainability

Polpharma Group’s Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy

Supply chain sustainability is a crucial component of Polpharma Group’s comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility. For a company that has presence in many international markets, supply chain sustainability has become an essential and integral part of running the business.

As both a purchaser of goods and services and supplier of medicines and pharmaceutical substances for other entities, we recognize the importance of having high standards within the supply chain. We continuously improve the company’s standards of conduct, and promote them among our business partners.

The Polpharma Group’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers is the starting point for us and our suppliers to improve business practices within the supply chain. This document defines the key requirements for suppliers, including ethical and fair business conduct, occupational health and safety, respect for human rights, as well as responsibility for product quality and the environment.

This is the first step to further development of supply chain sustainability at Polpharma Group, and it will be supported by educational and verification activities.