Polpharma Group Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect all of our suppliers, regardless of their country of origin, to adhere to the rules of conduct laid down in Polpharma Group’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

The Code of Conduct addresses issues pertaining to ethics, occupational health and safety, product quality, environmental protection and research. This document is the first step and a contribution to continuous development of Polpharma Group’s entire supply chain, and adherence to its provisions is considered to be an essential criterion in the supplier assessment and selection process.

The Polpharma Group expects that its Suppliers undertake relevant efforts in order to:

  • communicate to their employees and suppliers all requirements under the Code of Conduct,
  • ensure compliance with the rules of the Code of Conduct by all actors in the supply chain,
  • verify compliance with the assumptions of the Code of Conduct and implement a system for their supervision,
  • promote and increase the awareness of sustainable development.

We expect every employee representing the supplier to comply with the Code’s rules, both in interactions with Polpharma Group and any other entity. We are convinced that the Code’s principles will help suppliers to effectively manage and strengthen the ethics culture in their organizations. We encourage suppliers to actively implement the Code’s provisions.

We are aware that organizational changes may be needed to ensure that the suppliers’ operations are in compliance with the Code’s provisions. Since some of them will need time to be implemented, the processes may be adapted gradually where necessary. In that case, please contact us to advise what steps you intend to take to meet the Code’s requirements.

We monitor effective adherence to the Code’s rules, and develop further solutions to support it. Therefore, we invite our suppliers to share any comments or doubts with us regarding the implementation and adherence to the Code in their organizations. We are also happy to share Polpharma Group’s experience and best practices in building an ethical culture in a company. We offer support with the implementation of the Code of Conduct in our suppliers’ organizations. Please contact us for details.