We Help People of Science

The Foundation was established by Polpharma in 2001. Its mission is to support the development of pharmaceutical and medical sciences by funding scientific research in those fields. This is expressed by its mission statement – We Help People of Science.

Patients’ needs have always been the company’s priority, although they were understood differently at various stages of its development. This philosophy became the cornerstone of the Polpharma Scientific Foundation – one of the largest organisations in the country to finance research projects conducted by Polish scientists.

Foundation like no other 

The main objective of the Foundation is to provide funding for research projects of particular importance for the development of medicine and pharmacy, which are conducted by academic research centres and R&D institutions. Since the Foundation was established, we have spent nearly PLN 21 million to this end, allowing seventy research teams to continue and progress their research. Projects are selected in an annually organised competition. 

The Foundation’s statutory bodies are: Supervisory Board, Management Board and Scientific Council. The Scientific Council, composed of superior Polish scientists, specialists in various fields of medicine and pharmacy, holds a special place within the Foundation’s structure. The Chairman of the Council is Professor Kazimierz Roszkowski-Sliż, MD, PhD. The Scientific Council’s tasks include evaluating applications for research projects submitted to the competition, selecting reviewers and ranking the list of applications for the Council and the Management Board of the Foundation, which are to ultimately select the recipient of a grant.