Non-complianceAccording to the World Health Organization, non-compliance is one of the most serious health problems facing mankind and one of the most significant blockers in achieving full benefits of treatment. The WHO report reveals that the degree of compliance among patients in the treatment of chronic diseases is reaching merely 50%.

Description of the educational project on the problem of non-compliance in treatment of chronic diseases.

The educational programme is aimed at students of medical universities and colleges as well as health care professionals, with its objective to improve compliance among chronically ill patients. Beginning of 2007

In 2008, the Polpharma Scientific Foundation issued 30 thousand copies of a publication directed at specialists, entitled “Współpraca lekarza z pacjentem w chorobach przewlekłych – compliance, adherence, persistence” (Doctor–Patient Cooperation in Chronic Diseases — Compliance, Adherence, Persistence). Present state and improvement possibilities. The publication was the first Polish monograph on the problem of non-compliance in chronic disease treatment.

  • At the Foundation’s request, in 2009–2010 a survey was conducted, with its results published in the Polish Patient Self–Portrait report. The report was presented during public debates held with health care professionals, patients, medical schools and the media. The aim of the discussion was to look into solutions the propagation of which could facilitate a higher rate of patient compliance.
  • In 2013, the Polpharma Scientific Foundation co-organised the “Partnership for Treatment. Doctor – Patient – Family” nationwide educational campaign under the slogan of  “I look after my health effectively – I follow my doctor's recommendations.” Addressed to health care professionals, the campaign was intended to emphasise the role of education in the area of identifying barriers against and factors promoting compliance, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of good working relationships between the patient and doctor in the treatment process.
  • In 2015, the Foundation published a textbook for medical students and doctors, entitled “Nieprzestrzeganie zaleceń terapeutycznych. Od przyczyn do praktycznych rozwiązań” (Non-compliance. From causes to practical solutions). The publication came in response to the needs of the academic community, who considered the lack of a basic textbook for teaching this issue extremely disturbing. In 2015, the Foundation also developed an educational leaflet “I look after my health effectively”, supporting the Foundation’s efforts in promoting compliance among patients.
  • In 2016, in cooperation with Polpharma, the Foundation conducted a campaign in medical universities and colleges under the slogan of “Go look after your health”. The aim was to draw students' attention to the problem of non-compliance among patients.

The problem of non-compliance was also discussed and debated with medical representatives of the company, with the objective to, once again, remind doctors, nurses and pharmacists about this issue. 

  • Since 2008 the issue of compliance has been incorporated into the educational programme for students of pharmacy and medicine – “Pharma of Knowledge”, led by Polpharma.