Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), i.e. active substances for the manufacture of finished drug forms. Thanks to competitive manufacturing costs, excellent product quality and environment-friendly processes we can enjoy the position of a world leader in the manufacture of hydrobisphosphonates (substances used for the treatment of osteoporosis).

Our broad and varied portfolio and years of experience allow us to offer modern products and solutions to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. About 20% of the substances manufactured by us are used for the production of our own finished drug forms. The rest is intended for external companies (95% of which is exported, mainly to the other EU countries and to North America, Latin America, North Africa, Korea and Japan. We are present in 6 continents and our position is growing.

The total capacity of our reactors for substance synthesis is 350,000 litres. Our manufacturing facilities are subject to rigorous inspections by the US Food and Drug Administration. All the FDA inspections (in 2004, 2009, 2012 and 2015) conducted so far have resulted in no objections being raised.

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