Biological Drugs

Biological drugs (biologicals), thanks to their high efficacy and favourable safety profile, are the future of pharmacotherapy, particularly in the management of cancer or immune-mediated diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis). They are, however, very expensive and therefore inaccessible to many patients. We have therefore focused on developing biosimilar drugs (biosimilars) in an attempt to offer a cheaper alternative to our patients and to provide a wider access to effective treatments.

We have therefore created a dedicated business unit, Polpharma Biologics Business Unit, and built a modern Biotechnology Centre at Gdańsk Science and Technology Park. As well as being the largest building of this type in Poland, the Centre offers the most talented young scientists a chance to work and grow with the most experienced experts in the biotech industry. The Biotechnology Centre, covering an area of 2,300 square metres, is furnished with the state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible to develop and optimise various processes, from the conception through the laboratory phase to the semi-technical production within the cGMP system.

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