Logistics Centre — Finished Products Storage Facility

Modern Sales and Logistics Centre for export of products for Polpharma Group provides required conditions for storing finished products, raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging materials, labels and other materials used in the production of solid and liquid dosage forms. Special storage places, an air-conditioned zone for temperature-sensitive products, as well as a cold store (storage temperature from 2 to 8˚C) ensure safety of all stored products. The capacity is about 14,000 production units. The Centre meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for storing pharmaceuticals.

It is possible to manage the statuses of the stored products and materials thanks to the WMS (Warehouse Management System). Distribution Centre uses a barcode system to manage the movement of materials within the warehouse; the system operates on-line through radio communication with particular terminals. The workers use handheld, vehicle mount and stationary terminals.

Within the sales area of Pharma and API Plant, we maintain the highest level of customer service thanks to faster order picking operations and reservation processes for specific orders. The warehouse is fitted with modern logistics equipment like automated shelving, high-rise racking system, order picking racks, reach trucks and auxiliary trucks accelerating a load handling process as well as separate loading and unloading ramps protecting the products from unfavourable weather conditions.

The warehouse is also equipped with chambers for sample collection and laminar air flow cabinets facilitating sample collection for quality control at the highest standard.