Manufacturing Plants

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of well-known brands of generic drugs. We manufacture prescription-only medicines and medicines restricted to hospital use, OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, food supplements and medical devices. Our principal domains are cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, respiratory, anti-infectious, dermatological and ophthalmic drugs.

The Polpharma Group and associated company owns 7 manufacturing works based in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan. In Poland, the Polpharma Group’s manufacturing facilities are located in Starogard Gdański, Duchnice, Sieradz, Nowa Dęba and Warsaw.

Polpharma SA Pharmaceutical Works in Starogard Gdański is among the largest and most modern pharmaceutical factories in Europe. The annual production capacity of the works is 5 billion solid-form drug units (tablets, capsules) and 190 million liquid-form drug units (injectables in polyethylene containers and glass ampoules and infusion solutions and solutions for topical use).

Polpharma’s Manufacturing Branch in Duchnice near Warsaw is specialised in the manufacture of antibiotics. It manufactures first-, second- and third-generation cephalosporins (both injectable and oral dosage forms) in paediatric and adult doses. An annual of 12 million vials and 60 million tablets leave the production line.

Polpharma’s Manufacturing Branch in Nowa Dęba specializes in contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms and food supplements such as tablets and hard capsules. Highly efficient modern machines and manufacturing equipment and well-fitted laboratories with experienced highly-qualified staff guarantee an effective management and the implementation of difficult projects. The Division holds a GMP certificate and has an integrated SA quality system which contributes to achieving the highest quality of products. The Division offers a full range of manufacturing tasks, from the qualification and purchase of starting and packaging materials to the tests of the finished product and release to market.

Polfa Warszawa SA is specialised in the manufacture of sterile drugs, including ophthalmic products.

The manufacturing works Medana Pharma SA in Sieradz is among the leaders in the manufacture of paediatric medicines, vitamin products and food supplements. The production capacity of Medana is 600 million soft gelatin capsules, over 800 million uncoated and film-coated tablets, 25 million containers of liquid dosage forms of various volumes and 7.5 million gel tubes.